Week Two: Coffee Is Greater Than Sleep

My second week at IREX has come to an end and it was just as busy, if not more than my first week. Our invite list has grown from senators to MBA players to actors, and even the founder of Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I know a decent amount of people aren’t making it, but we are reaching for the stars with this invite list. It is so great to be in a position where I get to send out personal invitations to members of the Hill and CEOs of major corporations. On top of it, I also had the pleasurable tasks of calling endless African embassies in DC to invite the ambassadors themselves to our events. As the week was winding down, our tasks became more defined as to who will be in charge of what when the week of the Summit comes around. Although our schedules are not yet finalized and only our Program Officers and Supervisors are creating our staffing schedule, I am eager to see what my role will be while the madness is going on in two weeks! I have also been coordinating our volunteers by contact them, figuring out their availability, and making their schedules. For the most part, this week has just been a continuation of last week, but as our invites begin to go out for the Expo and Smithsonian Welcome events, things will be getting more and more hectic. Can’t wait to see what I’ll be getting into tomorrow!

Oh, and did I mention that I now go to work and hour before the office opens, and usually leave late? Growing up is fun!


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