Week Four: 5 Business Days Away!

My task of the week: call every Representative of Congress, every Senator, every Ambassador, and basically anyone who is pretty important. My issue for the week: NOBODY ANSWERS THE PHONES, E-MAILS, OR GIVES PERSONAL CONTACT INFO TO STRANGERS. So after calling over 300 officials, listening to some very terrible “please hold” tunes, and a handful of dead ends, I finally got in contact with all of these invitees. Our office brought on several temps to help out in the days winding down and two were especially wonderful with helping me with all of my tasks. I don’t know if I mentioned it previously, but I had also been assigned to coordinating volunteers from the Hill, Department of State, IREX, or friends of friends, for the big event. At this point, we were constantly contacting them, creating and re-creating volunteer spreadsheets, and trying to figure out how many people we would need for such important events. Needless to say, we did not expect it to be as big of a task as it ended up being until we were a day away trying to coordinate 15 volunteers for airport pick-ups.

In the winding down days, everyone was coming into work early, and working hours overtime. It was stressful beyond belief, but like they say at weddings, it was going to happen no matter what, so what’s done is done, and what isn’t won’t be.

Turns out, we were so far ahead of the game in other aspects, that things ended up working out pretty well and we impressed a lot of people.

Stay tuned! The end of Week Five will hold some pretty great updates!


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